Family Card 9/13/21 - Person Sheet
Family Card 9/13/21 - Person Sheet
NameName Not Known
Birthca 1752, Brunswick County, Va.
Death1837, Brunswick County, Va.
BurialProbably Brunswick County, Virginia
FatherWilliam Linch (ca1710-<1771)
MotherRachel Steed (->1752)
Misc. Notes
William was the first to spell his last name as Lynch

Will probated in August Term of Court, 1837. The site of his grave is unknown. Many of William's childern names plus their wife's names verified through Carl D. Lynch's research and Cecil C. Pryor book " Our Lynch Line ". Both contain excellant information on William's descendants. I tried to place Williams childern with proper mother by deductive reasoning using birth, death and marriage dates. I am sure there are errors. The correct mother-child relationship will probably remain unsolved forever.

The Will of William Lynch

In the name of God Amen, I William Lynch of the County Of Brunswick
And State of Virginia, being in perfect senses and memory and
beliveth all mankind are born to die, think proper to dispose of my
worldly estate in manner and form as follows:
To wit: First I desire all my just and lawful debts and funeral
expenses to be paid out of my estate and the balance I give and
bequeath in the following manner (vis) I give to my wife Eliza Lynch
one cow and calf called Fillpail and one womans saddle to dispose of
as she may think proper. Second I give to Laxton Lynch one dollar,
Third I give to Clack Lynch one dollar. Fourth, I give to Jarrat
Lynch one dollar. Fifth, I give to Grief Lynch one dollar, Sixth, I
give to Gray Lynch one dollar. Seventh, I give to Molly Lynch one
dollar, Eigth, I give to Meredith Lynch one dollar. Ninth, I give to
Edlaw Lynch one dollar. Tenth, I give to Gilbert Lynch one dollar.
Eleventh, I give to Asbury Lynch one dollar. Twelth, I give to the
heirs of Syrach Lynch one dollar. Thirteenth, I give to Benjamin W.
Lynch twenty dollars. Fifteenth, I give to James H. Lynch twenty
dollars. I give the above sums to the afore mentioned children to
them and their heirs forever. I give to my granddaughter Jincey A.
H. Lynch the bed and furnniture on which I lie to her and her heirs
forever. Sixteenth, I desire that all my plantations and land to be
equally divided between Lemuel Lynch, Joseph A. Lynch, Benjamin W.
Lynch and James H. Lynch to them and their heirs forever. Seventeenth,
I give to Rachel Lynch one dollar to her and her heirs forever,
Eighteenth, all the balance of my estate I give to the following
married children (that is to say) Adin Lynch, Sion Lynch, Winey Wray,
Chancy Lynch, Aggy B. Whitly and Nancy C. Wright, I give the same to
them and their heirs forever. I do appoint my son Adin Lynch and my
grandson James C. Lynch executors of this my last will and testament
revoking all others by me heretofore made. In witness thereof I
hereunto set my hand and seal this First Day of January in the year
of our Lord 1833.
William X Lynch
Acted in presence of us
Hicks X Wray George G. Lynch
Warren G. X Lynch Thinchen T. Lynch

Probated in August, 1837

(note: for some reason there was no 14th item listed in the will)

An Act of the Virginia General Assembly, Passed February 9, 1827

Whereas it is represented to the General Assembly that William
Lynch, Senior of the County of Brunswick, is the father of
Thirty-four legitimate children, of whom twenty-seven are now
living; that he has been the husband of four wives, the last
of whom is now young and healthy and gives him every assurance
of an increase of his numerous progeny; that he was a soldier
in the War of Rebellion and has been through life and upright
and useful citizen, but that age and the support of his numerous
family have at last rendered him infirm and poor:
County of Brunswick, shall be hereafter exempt from the payment
of any public or county tax, levy, charge or contribution
whatsoever and it shall not be lawful for any court, sheriff,
deputy sheriff, coroner or other public official within this
Commonwealth to demand or receive of the said Lynch any such
tax, levy, charge or contribution. This act shall be in force
from and after passage thereof.

Virginia General Assembly Act, 1826/1827, Chapter 113

I do not think William actually served in uniform during the Revolution War. I do think he was reconized because he furnished supplies to help feed the troops. The Library of Virginia has on file a receipt where William sold beef to the cause on October 29, 1781. The Daughters of the American Revolution in the past compiled a list of 644 people they named "Revolutionary Patriots of Brunswick County, Virginia". William is named in the list. There is also a James Lynch named. I think he was probably William's brother
ChildrenFaith Coleman (ca1771-)
 Sion (ca1773-ca1852)
 Syrach (ca1774-ca1812)
 Lewis Henry (~1775-1857)
 Laxton (1776-1856)
 Nancy Clack (~1778-)
 Jarratt (1781-1864)
 Mary Harmon (1782-1842)
 Grief (1786-1886)
 Viney (ca1787-1850)
 Gray (1788-1872)
 Claxton (1790-ca1849)
 John (~1791->1870)
 Meredith (1793-1869)
 Lemuel (1794->1870)
 Chancy (1796-1870)
 Gilbert G. (1800-1881)
 Asbury (~1801-1840)
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