Family Card 9/13/21
Family Card 9/13/21
Roy G Lynch, Jr.
This site is dedicated primarily to the descendants of Laxton Lynch who is a son of William Lynch of Brunswick County, Virginia. Laxton is my GGG Grandfather on my Dad’s side. Laxton came to Rutherford County, NC shortly after 1800. Also included within are descendants of Elias Lynch who is my GGGG grandfather on my Mother’s side. Elias came to Rutherford County about the same time as Laxton. Family lore has Laxton and Elias as cousins. However no one has determined who Elias parents were so the cousin connection has never been proven.
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This site is a work in progress. All additions or corrections will be appreciated. As you can see, no detailed information is shown on anyone born after 1938 unless I know that person is deceased. I may have the information in my genealogy program but do not show it on this website.
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