Family Card 9/13/21 - Person Sheet
Family Card 9/13/21 - Person Sheet
NameLaxton Lynch
Birth19 Apr 1776, Brunswick Co., Virginia
Death18 Sep 1856, Rutherford Co., North Carolina
BurialRock Springs Baptist Church Cem., Rutherford Co., North Carolina
FatherWilliam Lynch (ca1752-1837)
Misc. Notes
Laxton moved to Rutherford County, North Carolina around 1800 from southern Brunswick Co., Virginia.. Laxton through purchases and land grants secured a plantation totaling about 286 acres. His land was along both sides of the Broad River between what is now Lattimore Road and Clark Road. The only indication I have of where his home was located is a county map of Polk County which was prepared prior to its formation in 1855. It shows Laxton's home located in Rutherford County, just outside of Polk County, on the south side of the Broad River upstream from Clark Road. It appears Laxton was fairly prosperous as a farmer.

Family history has it that Laxton was given a black bottle by his father prior to leaving home which he kept for many years. Laxton was willed one dollar by his father at his death. This descendant has wondered if Laxton ever received his dollar due to the distances apart.

It appears that Laxton did not have a Will upon his death. Rutherford County Court Records for the Fall, 1856 shows that William Rucker was named administrator of his Laxton's estate upon his death. The document reads as follows:

The Court appoints William Rucker Administrator for the estate of Laxton Lynch Deceased ? into bond to the State Of North Carolina in the sum of twenty five hundred dollars with M.H. Kilpatrick, Norman Lynch, A.O. Lynch, J.H. King, T.H.W. Whiteside & A.A. Lynch as his securities and was duly qualified and ? letter of Administration of said estate. Present H. Harrill, M. Beam & ? Guilkey Esqu. who accepted said Bond.

People named in the Court Document relationship to Laxton is:
William Rucker - husband to daughter Lavina
M.H. Kilpatrick - Madison Hugh Kilpatrick, husband of daughter Martha
Norman Lynch - son
A.O. Lynch - son Ahijah Oliver Lynch
J.H. King - Joseph H. King, husband of daughter Mary
T.H.W. Whiteside - Thomas Hemphill Washington Whiteside, husband of daughter Almira
A.A. Lynch - son Adin Albert Lynch

I have not been able to find any paper work on how Laxton's total estate was settled. However in 1856 Laxton's son Ahijah Oliver purchased approximately 250 acres of land from the estate. Laxton had sold 36 acres of land to his son Norman in 1842 . I think on this land is where Norman is buried.

Family lore said Laxton traveled into the area with his cousin Elias Lynch. An Elias Lynch did live in the area. Elias showed up on the census for the area in 1800. However Laxton did not show up on the census for the area until 1810. I know Laxton moved into Rutherford County prior to January, 1804 because that is when he got married in the county. If he was in the county prior to the 1800 census, he was not listed. If Elias was Laxton cousin has not been proven since Elias parents have not been established to my knowledge. Some of Laxton's and Elias's lands joined since the connections are mentioned in deed records.
Birth21 Feb 1784, Rutherford Co., North Carolina
Death19 Aug 1880, Rutherford Co., North Carolina
BurialRock Springs Baptist Church Cem., Rutherford Co., North Carolina
FatherCharles Richardson (ca1751-ca1823)
MotherMary Lewis (1760-1847)
Misc. Notes
In 1880 Census she along with son Edison lived in daughter's Almira home.
Marriage1 Jan 1804, Rutherford County, NC
ChildrenLavina (1804-1888)
 Norman B. (1808->1880)
 Edison M. (1810-1890)
 Malena (1811-1896)
 Ahijah Oliver (1813-1885)
 Lewis J. (1815-~1862)
 Adin Albert (1817-1882)
 Mary Amanda (1819-1866)
 Martha M. (1822-1857)
 Almira Catherine (1824-1910)
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